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Expo, an Iron Man fanvid by lim
Music: Turn Up The Faders by Nathan Asher & The Infantry
Thanks to Cesperanza and Astolat

HD download will be available on /lim shortly.

Do yourself a favor and watch this vid instantly, because HOLY CRAP, from the first moment I saw a section I was all, OK, so Marvel was just a warm-up? This vid blows me away so hard. I have rarely seen any vid that so effectively does first person POV, that really puts you inside a character’s head like this one does. It’s such a cool experience, whether you’re a fan of Tony or not. 


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I think worrying about the life and death of super heroes is pretty meaningless. The search for “importance” by the super hero comic audience is a problem, a disease. The only thing that’s important is story. If it’s a good story, it’s important and meaningful. Saying ‘I’ll bet he’ll be back within a week’ is to proudly affirm that you know Kermit is just a puppet.

Paul Cornell on death in comics in general, and Wolverine’s upcoming demise in particular.

And I cannot tell you how much I love this quote and have been saying much the same thing for years.

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That’s a pretty big IF though. IF it’s a good story. And I can count on the fingers of one hand the super hero stories that contained the death character I’d describe as ‘good’.

In fact, The Death of Captain America’s probably only the only story from the last decade that had some kind of emotional impact or affected the world around the character in some way. When I say I’m sick of death in comics I’m talking about the terrible, shoddy deaths of Kurt Wagner or Stephanie Brown or Tasmanian Devil or Skin or Johnny Storm or whoever. Kurt and Johnny certainly were killed off to grab attention, not for any desire to write a good story and THAT is what people react against. You can’t attempt to color superhero deaths as meaningless on one hand and expect an emotional response with the other.

Sure, writers can say the only thing that matters is a good story, but most of the time, death is just used as a cheap gimmick to make a story seem important and actually writing a story that has depth or impact in universe when someone dies is of secondary concern.

Most super hero comics only wish they were as smart, moving and heartfelt as Kermit the Frog.

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Excellently said. I roll my eyes at Cornell’s last line because the cynicism of the readership with regard to character death at The Big Two is largely born from the writers, editors, and higher ups being the ones who tout the importance of these events when it’s almost always a quick sales boost with little to no emotional impact in and of itself, and those same writers, editors, etc. sweeping said deaths under the rug as soon as the line needs another shot in the arm. It’s hardly fair to blame the readers for being jaded once they stop falling for the hype.

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